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"In 2017, as a gift (see what we did there) to our fans, Taproot self-released 'BESIDES' an ambitious limited edition, 8-disc box set, put together by Jarrod, featuring over 130 tracks, basically every single demo we had ever recorded, through various eras of the band. (Mostly in Steve's basement, or later on with Tim Patalan.)

We sold out of them pretty quickly, and since then, literally every single day people ask where they can get it.  So we decided to pick our favorite tracks from each era (and add a few), remaster it, and present them in a single disc compilation, 'The Best of Besides". Someday soon the rest of the tracks (and more) will see the light of day in different configurations , but for now, this is what you get. 25 years of Taproot, from the very humble beginnings, through all the albums you (hopefully) know and love.

We hope you have as much fun listening to it, as we did making it."