Daniel Rosini

Daniel Rosini

My name is Daniel Rosini, a seasoned tattoo artist with a career dating back to 1995, and a skilled ring maker. I seamlessly blend these two distinct art forms into my unique and creative journey.

With a unwavering hand and dedication to self-expression, I craft intricate tattoos that weave stories and stamp lasting memories onto skin. Each design is a collaborative endeavor, harmonizing the client's vision with my artistic interpretation. My specialties delve into a distinctive genre, a fusion that marries elements of realism, fantasy, surrealism, and a palette of vivid colors.

In my alternative realm, it brings me great honor to be recognized as a specialist in crafting illuminating jewelry from human bones and remains. In fact, I stand as the sole artisan globally who creates this type of jewelry. Through my work, I transform precious metals into exquisite rings that glow, symbolizing the birth of illumination from obscurity and darkness. My craftsmanship is defined by attention to intricate details, inlays, and the art of weaving personalized narratives into wearable pieces of art.

As an artist, I treasure the privilege of breathing life into personal narratives, whether through ink or metal, forever leaving an indelible mark on hearts and hands alike.


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